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"Your Mail"

People make things what they are. A tool in one person's hand would not be used or held quite the same as in another. It is my opinion that e-mail and its habits are as individual as the individual. Its use can enable wonderful and severe effects but which impression is felt is up to the user and their own actions.

A positive aspects of e-mail is the opportunity it offers to connect with people. Whether they be family, friends, or interesting strangers, the common ground of e-mail brings people closer together by its unique means of communication. An e-mail can express feelings wherein other forms of communication they would be harder to convey. With e-mail lies an intimate relationship where there's less to fear from consequences and time to think on the perfect way to come across. In contrast, e-mail can be a trap of impulse and not-so-clearly thought out words, where inflections one might get from other mediums are lost and afford for miscommunication.

Looking at e-mail on an employer/employee level it is shown to be an efficient way to get results and has it's own brand of abuse. With e-mail and it's availability no one is ever completely "off the clock." For all the good of e-mail, some bad may be encountered.

There is a lot of talk of how e-mail can be addicting, to this I say, "Bah!" Like alcoholism, I say the addiction most deeply depends on how susceptible one is to addiction. For example, I do not consider myself "addicted" to e-mail. Though it may sound contrary to that, considering I have 4 e-mail addresses, each is for a different group of people. 3 of these are lucky to be checked even once a week and one will alert...