You are a consultant hired to advise a selected Australian manufacturer or service firm. The firm is considering making an entry into one of any two countries of your choice.

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1.0 Introduction

Super Coffee Mix had operated in the international marketing for many years with success. For next year 2005, "Super" will expand its market and enter Vietnam market. This marketing plan is done as a proposal to the company to weed out the opportunities and threats in Vietnam; and how will the market operate in the new market. This proposal will use SWOT analysis and Marketing mix analysis and some other models to give out the fact and suggestion to the company.

2.0 Research Methodology

The secondary data about the company analysis, marketing analysis, and competitor analysis is generated from the internet, Super Coffee Mix's annual reports in the year of both 2002 and 2003, and other text publications. A face-to-face interview had been done with the business manager, Mr. James Yeo and questions and answers have been recorded for future use.

3.0 Situational analysis

3.1Company analysis

Super Coffee Mix Manufacturing Ltd is an integrated manufacturer of instant beverages and popular convenience food products.

The Group operates internationally with manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Myanmar and Indonesia and a network of direct sales offices and distributors strategically located to reach Asia-Pacific and world markets. About 80% of the Group's revenue comes from product sales in the Asia-Pacific and global markets. Two instant beverage series, namely Coffee Mixes and Cereal Drinks, account for the bulk of the Group's turnover. The Super 3 in 1 product lines have developed a new niche in the consumer food and beverage arena by combining ease-of-use and convenience with great taste. The company's strengths in product innovation, quality control and market expansion have created a foundation for continued success into the future distribution of the products to some places.

Besides having innovation in its products, quality remains a cornerstone of the company's philosophy. Stringent...