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Education is the fundamental key to our everyday lives. Knowledge is what keeps our economic growth possible. We are all taught, since childhood, that learning is a way to empower one's self, which is why our school systems are an important part of our society. Recently, a debate has emerged as whether the year round calender is better for our students than our current ten month calender year. While three thousand other schools may have had their districts change their school systems to work year round, we must not do the same. A year round school system would do little more than frustrate us and our parents while costing the school board more. A year round system would limit our vacataions, our ability to hold summer jobs, and would put us in "coming back to school" mind thought.

Our current ten month system, with early morning start times and two or three month summer breaks was designed when many Americans lived on a farm.

But despite its age, it is still better than a year round calendar. Long summer breaks are a cherished culture for some families, as it is a perfect occasion for students to take an extended break to get rejuvined. A year round system would limit these breaks to one month every few months. It also would take away from some of our yearly breaks to be fed into these "one month breaks". Such breaks are unneccasary and the constant "coming back to school" mindset that they will put us in will not be beneficial.

A year round calander would not allow us to hold summer jobs. Instead we'd have to work at one-month jobs which get you nowhere. Many families and students alike may need the money to either pay for their cars or simply to...