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The case is all about the evolution of the Wrestling industry, rise and eventual fall of WWF (E). This case generates issues about the evolution, growth, competition, financial stress and other aspects of the wrestling company, WWF (E). Originally WWF was founded by McMahon Sr. and later won over by his son Vince McMahon Jr. The wrestling industry has seen many ups and downs but WWF and WCW were the companies that remained there even at the time of over saturation face by the wrestling field. But when competition grew, WWF almost lost the battle. But the new ambition built in the heart and mind of the young Vince McMahon Jr. led WWE to new horizons of wrestling industry. He improvised the company into an expanding organization and was always capitalizing on opportunities as a strategy to scare off his competitors. He was eager to take risks and spend relentlessly on his work so that he could give his competitors a magnified but false image of his capital.

He helped turning the fighting sport into mainstream family entertainment. McMahon's ego forced him to offer hart, an aging star an offer he could not afford. He also introduced celebrities in the wrestling field bringing a harmony between the wrestling and musical entertainment world. Vince's innovative style was to concentrate on the character development of the wrestlers. He wanted to cover most of the segments of the population from children to adults. Because of his harsh efforts, a small wrestling company grew up to become a large empire in the wrestling industry. It set its own trend. However, later WWE was stuck by its own ways which was due to the lack of an appropriate strategy. Keeping control over the ever-growing industry as well as facing the hard core competitors to...