Write an account, including all you have learnt, of the three witches before they meet Hecate.

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Oh those detestable scum of the earth! Those were the hideous creatures I encountered this evening. At a heath desolate of life, I spotted three old hags (detestable in appearance) and dressed in their archaic rags, they seemed to mutter some sort of enchantment under their breaths. In a concealed position behind a clutter of ancient rubble, I leaned closer toward their direction and eavesdropped on their agendas.

First witch: "Wretched Macbeth."

Second witch: "Foolish Macbeth."

Third witch: "Have no sympathy for the fool, for he is deserving of his fate."

Intrigued by what I had just heard, I amused myself further in their delinquencies. I had never encountered citizens of Scotland who muse themselves by speaking ill of the great king, noble Macbeth. Indeed, the state of the kingdom would be in uproar had those three hags delivered their speeches publicly.

My main concern however, lies not in their views that Macbeth is indeed a foolish man since I very much agree to that.

I was instead struck by the comments of the third witch. Itching with aroused curiosity, I pondered long and hard: What is his fate? I later arose at the conclusion that these fiends were somehow involved in the happenings of Scotland. And this I presume, is not far from the truth.

The witches talked of their encounters of Macbeth and one must assume that they were referring to the tyrannical King of Scotland. Several months ago, the gruesome fiends had met with Macbeth upon this same heath where he was told by the witches of his destiny to achieve high glories, in which one of the witches had proclaimed, "Hail to thee that shalt be King hereafter". Astounded by this latest revelation, my worst fears were...