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My work place diversity is optimist, meaning that I am compassion, and caring. I understand my job and what is expected of me. I am productive whether than bizare I am firmly anchored to reality and understand my job needs.

Do I trust other? On this assessment I score a zero which suggest that I will chose career that or people-oriented. My current job is in the public school system and I have faith and trust in the people who work at BIS. Trust is essential for maintaining a possible relationship with my co-workers, and the student. I in order to gain this trust I must work to together with everyone at BIS.

What do I value? Self-respect was #1 for me on the assessment, because respect for the self is one of those aspects that is almost incidentally acquired as one's appreciation grows. When we have self-respect we create the natural requirement for appreciation.

When we appreciate, we are demonstrating self-respect. The two are inseparable - and life without them is not worth living.

How do my Ethic Rate? I aways consider myself as a fair because of my moral and ethical values. After taking the self-assessment quiz , I find this assumption to be correct.

When I compare my scores to the scores of 243 management students, Iwas relatively close. In fact, in many instances, we had the same answer. For instance, the average person strongly disagree with question number two. The question states that if a person is doing well in business, they do not have to worry about moral problems.

My view on the nature of people is flexible between Theory X and Y, in which I disagree with, I do not assume that all people are lazy and disinterest by nature some human are lazy...