Who won the civil war?

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teachers tell their students that the civil war was not over slavery. why does this article say that it is actually is about slavery? people have to consider the reason educators give for the war in a united country. they say that abraham lincoln and his congress declared war because of the confederate's succession from the union. many students just take that information in and do not think about it at all, but the reason for the sucession IS slavery. slavery was not illegal at that time, but it had a lot of debate on it. lincoln could not declare war over slavery because it wasn't unconstitutional, but treason and sucession was unconstitutional.

nothing that lincoln did was wrong; he did the exact thing he was elected to do. he followed the constitution in doing it. succession from the union was illegal, but succession has to come from a source.

states do not omit themselves without reason.

slavery was the most important part of that war. president lincoln used emancipation to help the union win the war. it played a predominant part in the war. as much as nobody wants to admit it, it is the actual cause of war. people just leave that part out, or make some stupid excuse, because slavery is an extremely sensitive subject. feelings aside, it was the cause for an independent country to have a war against themselves regardless of the constitutionality or unconstitutionality.