Women President- Opinion for Humanities Class- On the light side.

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"Why should there be a Women President?"

WOW do I have a lot to say on this matter! I'm so glad you asked us to write this paper, you will see why.

As I sit at the conference table with all the other managers (5 male and 1 female) I can tell you that the conversation (after the morning discussion for production) is making me feel quite ill! Why you ask? Because the discussion is based on sick jokes and talk about how strong the US weapons are and what they do to the earth and people around them when they explode. I have a radical opinion on war and I do not believe in it unless it is absolutely necessary or forced, like in an attack (Pearl Harbor, WWII). However, I can see by the discussion and many others I have been privy' too recently that my opinion is of the minority.

That's ok with me. Its not that I can't be strong, believe me I can be when I need to. After all aren't women those who give birth to the children. I am stronger than any man I have ever known, with the exception of my father. It's that I am stronger about my belief that innocent people (woman and children) should not be hurt or hurt or killed.

I have done some research on the statistics and I have uncovered some interesting facts. I have never been aware that the female population now out numbers the male especially between the ages of 30-50, which happens to be the perfect active voting, age. There are 65% females of the total population as we speak register to vote in the year 2003. But unfortunately many people who were registered in the year 2000 did not exercise their right...