Wireless Network: Is it right for you?

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How do you choose the right wireless network setup and configure it properly? What are the advantages to having a wireless network over a wired one? Well for one the wired networks have to have a montage of wires all over your office or home. They must all be connected to a central switch called a hub. This often involves stringing cables through walls and ceilings and can present a challenge for anyone.

If the computers in your office or home are all within 500 feet of each other then a wireless network is probably right for you. A wireless network is just what it says, has no wires. It can connect computers on different floors and sometimes even across the street. Besides the obvious benefits of a wireless network such as this, there is little setup time and planning.

But like most good things in life there are always pros and cons.

The cons to having a wireless network as apposed to a wired one is speed. If you need a high speed network for games or to view streaming video or other multimedia, then maybe a wired network would be better. But if you just want to check email, view web pages or other non high-bandwidth processes than maybe a wireless network would be better.

To install a wireless network you need a central point to put a wireless hub. Then all the computers must have a wireless network card. Most newer laptops are equipped with a wireless network card though.

But be advised that although security is not a huge concern among people with wired networks, it must be with a wireless one. In a wireless network, someone could just park their car outside your home or office and start using your network if you don't have...