Windows 2000 setup

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Check wire configuration in the computer, (jumpers, primary master, secondary master)

Boot up and get on the bios by pressing delete, change it so that it boots off the CD rom not the floppy, then change primary, and secondary

Primary master type: auto P10: - 32 bit: On

Secondary master Cdrom Auto On

F10 to save

Once you come out of the Bios, reboot, and then put cd in immediately

Setup will first load files into ram

The last two are the most important files

Press enter when its finished

F8 to agree

Esc-don't repair

Hit D for delete partition

Enter to continue with deletion

Press l to delet

Hit enter to setup partition in the space

Format the partition using the NTFS file system

If message comes up that you cannot copy a file, retry atleast once, the get a diferent cd, then retry again

When it reboots on its own, take the disk out, then shut it back down

Start back up and put the disk in at the windows 2000 loading screen

It will then start installing the devices

Regional settings- click next

Name - Ganado ISD, next

Computer name GISD#, next

time zone- central, next

Network settings- typical , next

Workgroup-no, GANADOISD, yes, then click no, next

Installs components

Final tasks

Finishes, reboot, take disk out

When it comes up don't put a password just click ok

The 1st thing you check is video, go to properties on the desktop, Pixels 800 by 600, true color 32 bit, apply

Next you check the nic by going to device manager by right clicking my computer, properties, go to hardware, device manager.