Why are women less successful in business

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From the article of David Karp and William Yoels about Student Participation in the College Classroom, we can assume that gender is of no importance because the interviewees say that the professor's sex makes no difference in their likelihood of participating in class. Yes, may be in the classroom it doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman but my observations show that it's not the same in business. Nowadays more and more women establish their own business but still it's not as successful as the one established by men. There are many social facts that lie at the root of women's relative lack of financial success but gender itself has a great importance. Ascribed or achieved, gender is considered to be our master status. The purpose of my paper is to show how gender influences people's success in business and try to find an answer to the question why it is still so important factor in business.

I think that my topic will be of interest not only to people interested in business or feminists. Yes, I do care about women and not only because I am women. Behind the problem I chose there are many social facts and I think it is a great challenge for a sociologist even beginner like me to work on it.

It is true that personal characteristics of owners affect the success of their business; however, women possessing great managerial skills do not gain a great profit from their business. Entrepreneurship is something very necessary for the successful business. Women are less likely to take risks and this prevents them from becoming more successful. But again here rises the question "Why?" In the past, men were the one who took part in wars and this is a possible explanation of why...