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In my family everyone has either been a nurse or a teacher, and since I do not have the stomach for nursing it was automatically assumed by everyone in my family that I would become a teacher, but you know what happens when people assume something, it never happens that way. Everyone thought that I would become a teacher because of my love for English and the affection I have for my nieces and nephew, but there was no way I was ever going to walk in a classroom as a teacher. But for the life of me I keep having this dream: it is the first day of school, I walk into the class and suddenly the class gets eerily quiet, I go to the chalkboard and write my name on it, then I turn to the class and say "good morning, welcome to your first day of English, I am Ms.

Green your teacher." Then the students look at me , appearing to be completely uninterested by the fact that I am their teacher, and they continue to talk to one another. I am standing there trying to get the attention of the class but it is useless, defeated I slowly turn towards the door to leave, when all of a sudden I hear one of the students say "isn't that Marlon's aunt, aye she's chill yall." smiling I turn back around to twenty-five attentive faces eager to learn the likes of Shakespeare, Poe, Browning, Baldwin and all the other authors that influenced my life. I say a silent prayer to God thanking Him, because luckily half of my class spent most of their time at my house playing video games, football and basketball with my nephew.

Eagerly I tell them to write about their most embarrassing moments.