Why Is Smoking Good for You? The "Pros" of Smoking.

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Ricky Lopez

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Title: Smoking Should Be Kept Legal

Specific Purpose: To Persuade My Audience That Smoking Should Not Be Banned


In a restaurant? No! Within fifty feet of any building? No! Within fifty feet of any other person? No! Smoking in California is being cracked down at an enormous rate. People's personal privilege to light up has been taken away. What ever happened to having a good cup of coffee and a cigarette? What ever happened to the sexy noir films of the 40's where the main two characters would play their mind games, make love on a bar top, share a cigarette, and then pull each other into their dark, smoky worlds of detectives, classy dames, and the feel of a dark, stormy night? Look at one of the great cinematic classics, Casablanca. You can't go five minutes in that movie without someone lighting up.

Smoking plays a big part in culture, style, the media, our history, and life. It's an image that has existed for a very, very long time and certain groups of people wish to take this grand hobby and ban it. As an English noble once said, at the turn of the century, "The true sign of a gentleman is one who enjoys literature, refined ladies, and keeps his pipe at his side."


First, I'm going to tell you from a cultural viewpoint why smoking shouldn't be banned.)


Smoking is a large part of American and European history and culture. It's always promoted the image of adult, mature, mysterious, and sexy. You can see this in examples of male-targeted advertising in 40s mod-style pinups for Camel cigarettes, to the masculine Marlboro Man, to classy cigars in GQ magazine. For the female market even models starring in major...