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Why shouldn't grades be on a "pass"/"fail" basis?

Grades tell us everything or they tell us nothing. If we were on a pass/fail basis, it would be horrible. Pass/fail grades would not tell us our real grade. Also, students would not try as hard and as a result they would not learn all the material. Finally, it would also be difficult for all the colleges to choose the very best students for their schools.

It would be horrible if students did not know their real grades. In the present system a grade shows how a student is doing on a scale of 1-100. A grade of 60 or above is considered passing. Any grade below that is failing. Under the new system students would not know if they understood enough of what they were doing in class, or if they need extra help. Next, it would be difficult to know if the teacher was teaching the students properly.

Maybe nobody in the class did better than a 70%, but they all passed. A grade also shows a school if student belong in a certain subject, level, or if they have to drop or move up a level. The pass/fail system does not give a clear description if a student belongs in a certain class.

If we had a pass/fail grading system, then kids would not have to work to their best ability to get appropriate grades. Parents would just have to see pass to be satisfied. Some parents do not care until they see they see their kids grades failing or d's and e's on their report cards before they make sure their kids are studying. Another problem is many students would only do the minimum required to pass the class. Other kids work hard because they are motivated by...