Why did Christianity rise?

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Why did Christianity rise?

Today, thirty-three percent of the total population in the world engages in Christianity making it the most dominate religion in the world. Christianity first began in 30 C.E with only 120 fallowers. By the end of 476, Christianity had reached its peak in Roman history. The Roman Empire was diminishing while the Christians were flourishing. Christianity's attractive message, movement of the Christians, and further appeals that existed in Roman times all helped in the growth and success of Christianity.

Christianity had a message, which taught how to live a moral life without sin. It attracted many pupils because it was revolutionary and unique from the lustful and corrupted Roman lifestyle. Christianity was based on an ethical code of life known as the Ten Commandments, and it helped to prevent the lust and unethicalness of Roman culture. God and Jesus are the central purpose of this religion.

According to the Christian life, if one follows the Ten Commandments and believed in Jesus the Savior, then he or she will be guaranteed to enter Heaven and eternal life with God. In Christianity, God was the perfect example of love and mercy. He was the perfect being, and He delighted in the happiness of humankind. To the contrary, Roman gods and goddesses were the symbol of spitefulness, egocentricity and selfishness. Not only this, but their characteristics were magnified to a degree of utter hatred. It seems apparent that whenever the Romans thought that a god was in their presence, they would offer flattery and even bribery to avoid any cruel actions the gods had in mind. Roman gods were abundant and often times gods and goddesses had different and contradicting symbols among the city-states of the Roman Empire. Christianity offered one deity who could be defined as a...