Why I am Proud to be an American

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Bird, Tree, Cornucopia, when you think of these things do you think of being an American? I do think of these things, and that is why I am very proud to be an American, when you are able to think of a different about of good things to compare to being and America. There are a lot of countries in this word that aren't able to think of one good thing, and from first thought I am able to think of three.

A bird shows freedom and opportunity, it flies freely and goes for the things that they want in life with only themselves stopping them. In America and being and American you have the exact same chances in life. We are free to go and achieve the things that we want in life, with only our own brain power stopping us from getting there if we don't get what we want.

A tree compares to the way America works to keep it up and running so we are able to live good lives. The parts of a tree and relate to the many parts of America, the roots of the tree is the economy of the US that keeps the country strong and growing. Washington DC, the nation's capital, is the trunk of the tree it is the part that everything has to go through to make sure everything stays on the right path. The crown of the tree, the branches and leafs, are the states and the millions of people that live in America to keep the country going and keeping it a good county.

Cornucopia relates to the many different cultures and experiences that you are to learn about and have a bigger picture of what really goes on in other countries instead of just America. Being...