Why affirmative Action is necessary in today's econimc world

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Supply Side Affirmative Action: Is it Necessary?

Affirmative action is a necessary part of today's economic world. Even if no one wants to admit it, corporate America is still ruled by "rich white people" whether this is fair or not is another question. Racism also still lives on in this country, not as much as the earlier parts of last century, but it is still there. We need these laws that give people an equal opportunity to show off their talents and affirmative action is the way to do it.

The author makes a good point about the local newspapers hiring some black photographers just so they could "go to the 'ghetto' and not look too suspicious" (Page, 1999 p. 411) and I am sure there were a lot of companies who hired minorities "just because" whether it was public pressure or whatever, they wanted to have minorities on the payroll.

Most of these employers probably did not want too, but they had no choice. The man in the story had great credentials as well, he was an honor student, and had worked as a carrier boy since the age of twelve. They still turned him down though. As he states though, twenty years later they bought his syndicated column (Page, 1999 p.411).

The only problem I have with affirmative action is the candidate must qualify for the position. Whether it is getting into a college, or getting a job, or even a loan. They must have the scores to get into a specific college. I think back earlier in the year when all the fuss over Michigan Universities admission polices were being debated. I did not keep up with the full story, but I know that even if they had to accept so many minorities, none should...