White Water is a descriptive essay about a journey on White water rafting.

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Our raft is rocked violently was we crash into the raging current and lone rocks. We paddle at hard as we can to keep our craft from smashing into the jagged rocks along the shore waiting to devour us like a great white shark. Our adrenaline is pumping as it does for anyone experiencing his or her first White Water Rafting trip. A small trip to North Carolina with my family turned out to be one of my best-remembered experiences.

I push off from the shore and hop into the raft as I feel my shoe drag in the cold water and soak my sock. As I looked around I noticed that the scenery between in the valley was like that off of a postcard, cloudless blue sky, plant and wild life everywhere, it was amazing. Our guide, a short medium build size man with black hair, explained the procedures and rules to us as we lazily drifted down the calm of the river for the next fifteen minutes.

We were told we were going to be shooting through 3 major falls, between eight and twelve feet high, throughout our trip, which lasted the entire day, and in between we would be having our rest periods and many smaller falls. There were also three other families with us on our little venture along the white water in other rafts. As we drifted along, we talked with our guide to get to know him a little better and enjoyed the scenery, which stayed as beautiful throughout the trip. Our guide told us that we would be starting off our trip with one of our first major falls and that we would be approaching very soon. Before we rounded the bend to the falls, everything was silent except for the roar...