The White Wall of Cabbage

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The White Wall of Cabbage

"Hey, dude", " a car is coming", "quick, hide."

As we ran into the woods, a car rolled up and over the tracks.

"Is it a cop?"

"I don't know, I can't tell."

"Oh sh_ _, it is!"

Running from our hiding spots, Big A, Tommy, Waldo, and I darted into the woods.

"You think they saw us?" Big A said, running.

We always called Andy "Big A", cause of his size. He was really small. Sprinting through the woods, Tommy realized Waldo was missing.

"Where's Waldo," Tommy asked, laughing. He always got a kick out of that.

"Over here, guys," Waldo said, crouching next to a tree, motioning for us. "It's awesome over here."

Waldo found the foundation for what looked like an old mill, which made for an extremely covert hiding place. We stayed until we thought it was clear. About a half hour later, Big A started getting antsy.

"I think it's clear," he said.

So as we cautiously trudged back to the tree fort that we called "The G," we realized Outside of a supermarket, we would have never expected to see that much toilet paper in our whole lives. We must have had two hundred rolls that night.

"Aight everybody, take your share and put it in your bag." "Don't get caught, and more importantly, if you do get caught, don't rat. You rat" Big A said crushing his fist into his hand as if to show what would happen. "If we get split up, meet back here unless you are getting chased. Then avoid here at all costs. "

We jumping out of the "G" and onto the ground, ran down the path and onto the street. We started to toilet paper the trees, the cars that...