West Bank Barrier: The essay is about the current conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and the barrier that was constructed to provent Palestinian terrorist attacks.

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No Bibliography needed, all statistics were obtained during class lessons on that specific topic.

Do barriers help communications between hostile neighbours? Construction started on the West Bank Barrier in 2003 as an attempt by the Israeli Government to reduce terrorist attacks targeting Israeli civilians. The wall has caused much controversy. Key points that will be discussed are the effects of the wall on the Palestinians, the safety of Israeli civilians and the effect that the wall has had on the chance of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The wall has caused numerous problems for the Palestinians although the Israelis argue that the wall is a necessity for their safety against Palestinian terrorist attacks.

Many Palestinians think that the wall is a land grab, an attempt to cut them out, commandeer water resources and to confiscate land. Israeli officials deny these claims and argue that the wall is a simple security measure to reduce terrorist attacks and that it is only temporary, not part of a future border and there is nothing from preventing it being pulled down after a negotiated settlement.

Israelis argue that they should be able to defend themselves. Whether or not the wall is for defence, statistics show that the number of suicide bombings has been reduced by up to 90% and as a consequence the Israelis have been able to reduce the amount of solders on security deployments.

The wall has caused many problems for the Palestinians. Over 200,000 have already been directly affected and this number will greatly increase once the wall is complete. Palestinians argue that it reduces their freedom and cuts them off from essential services such as medical, educational, housing and jobs. Statistics show that the land that was confiscated to build the wall was 85% Palestinian whilst only 15% was Israeli.