Weed Control and Prevention.

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Weeds are everywhere these days. People want them done away with because they make a yard look bad. There are many ways this can be accomplished. One way would be to use store-bought herbicides, which can be harmful to people and pets, as well as many insects beneficial to a healthy lawn. Another alternative to weed control is hand-pulling them out, which can be backbreaking. Lastly, there's all natural weed killers that do not hurt the environment and are common enough to be found lying around inside your home.

Preventing Weeds from Growing

The easiest way to save your back from pulling weeds or save your money from buying weed killers is by preventing the weeds from growing in the first place. There is no other way that weeds can spread besides seeds and there are some seeds that can live in the soil for many years at a time and still be able to germinate.

With this said, weeds can grow whenever you till soil because you are bringing up old seeds and they are then up high enough in the soil that they can now receive enough sunlight to grow. "So you're saying I should never till my soil, Ryan?" No. There is a way to stop the seeds from starting to grow. It's called shading. The close planting of ornamental plants/grasses by planting them just right up next to each other (but not close enough to have them compete with each other) will stop sunlight from getting to the seeds thus stopping sprouting, preventing weeds from ever happening.

Removing/Killing Already-Grown Weeds

Once weeds are already grown removing them can be a really big hassle. Even though not too many people know about them, there are many ways to kill and remove weeds. You could always just...