Wedding Crashers is One of a Kind

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The 2005 film, Wedding Crashers, is hands down one of the best comedy genre movies of all time. It is a hilarious movie that follows two middle age buddies who crash wedding in order to meet girls. They pose as different people at each wedding and play their roles accordingly. If you take a look at all the components necessary for a good comedy, this film hits them all out of the park. Not every comedy film has the entire criterion needed for a great movie. Many films will hit on one or two, but somehow lack in other crucial aspects of the comedy flick. Wedding Crashers is a timeless, classic comedy that will keep you laughing from start to finish.

There are several criteria required for a film to be a good comedy. Every comedy from Blazing Saddles to American Pie all have these requirements. To what degree the movie fulfills these criteria, equates to how good the movie actually is.

The first criteria to make a good comedy film, is the script. Foremost there must be an original plot. Just like in any other genre of film, a script will determine the direction of the film. In a comedy, the plot must take some twists and turn that will keep you laughing throughout. Though they get into some crazy situations throughout the movie, the plot is still very realistic and believable.

The script of Wedding Crashers is in a league of its own. This film has a totally original idea. As the movie progresses the main characters get deeper and deeper into a web of love and mishaps. This in itself is a great combination. Many times in this movie the audience will not see a plot change coming. Wedding Crashers is not just a movie about...