We were asked to write about something that we had been given and a story behind it. "Grandmas China Dishes"

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Christmas was always a magical time at Grandma Polly's. I can remember

walking into the dinning room and seeing the beautiful holiday display


the table. Grandma would have a red linen tablecloth with the most

beautiful china. The pattern on the dishes was a soft white with a


rose and leaves that were a softer shade of black with silver trim.

Every year after Christmas dinner and the presents were opened, I


help Grandma clear the table and wash the china. She would always tell


story on how the china was handed down to her from her mother and how

special it was to her. Grandma had two brothers and five sisters and


was a twin. She had always admired the china and made comments to her

mother, but never thought that she would be the one to receive this set


china. When Grandma was in her thirties, she went to spend Christmas


her parents. There was one gift in a huge box and she could not figure


what it could possibly be. When she opened the box, she could not


her eyes, the china!

Every Christmas since I was five years old I would tell my grandmother


beautiful the dishes were. I would always get a laugh out of her and


would tell me the story again. When I turned thirty Grandma stopped


the china for the Christmas dinners. For six years, she would have a


box under the tree for me. I thought it's the dishes but it never was.

Christmas of 2003 my daughters and I went as we do every year and there


no big box, but several of all different sizes. When I started opening

presents there,