Are We Prepared for an Avian Flu Pandemic at UTSC? By VMK

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University of Toronto Scarborough Campus:

Are We Prepared?


H5N1 presents a serious concern in regard to the possibility of large scale global

epidemic. Unfortunately, relatively little attention has been given to preparing for this

possibility. Even national preparedness in terms of getting ready for a H5N1 pandemic is

lacking. It is not difficult to imagine that inadequate preparation exists on the smaller

scale as well. Every organization, whether it is a private business, a small community, or

a local school district should have plans in place for dealing with an outbreak of H5N1.

Universities are certainly no exception in this regard. Because universities are responsible

for the health and welfare of thousands of students and employees, and in some respects

are self-contained communities that host people with few if any close outside

connections, universities in particular should have well-thought-out emergency

preparedness plans in place for pandemic type problems.

The intent of this paper is to

present considerations for such a plan for the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus


UTSC Profile

UTSC is responsible for the lives and welfare of thousands of people. This

responsibility is the main concern in the event of a pandemic. As of the 2005/2006

school year there were 8,719 full time undergraduate students enrolled at UTSC

(University of Toronto Scarborough, 2007). On top of this the university's responsibility

extends to an additional 828 part-time undergraduate students, 322 graduate students, 228

fulltime and 17 part time academic and/or librarian staff, and 291 fulltime and 28 part-

time non-academic staff (University of Toronto Scarborough, 2007). UTSC students and

staff occupy 25 buildings and 767 students residences (University of Toronto

Scarborough, 2007).

Pandemic Virus

Bird Flu is an influenza virus, one strain of which is technically known

as H5N1. H5N1 is an influenza strain that has...