In what ways is "To a Skylark" by Shelly a typical romantic poem?

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In what ways is Skylark a typical romantic poem?

Skylark is a typically romantic poem due to the use of language and

feelings expressed in the poem.

The title 'To a Skylark' is typically romantic as the poem is wrote

directly to a bird. The references to time, height, heaven and the poet

himself are also typically romantic. The poem describes how the bird is

not just a bird it is much more than that. 'Hail to thee, blithe spirit! Bird

thou never wert' (L1-2) this is as though the poem is telling the reader

that it is not just describing a bird but many different parallels are being

shown through the image of the bird. 'spirit' may also be taken literally as

somebody which has been lost to the poet or merely just as a metaphor of

the bird.

The poem in itself is contrasted with the birds singing to emphasise the

beauty and perfection of the poem 'Pourest thy full heart, In profuse

strains of unpremeditated art' (L4-5).

The poet is full of poetry which

pours from his heart without the need of concentration and thought as

easily as the bird can sing its song. The emotions contained in the poem

are soaring higher and higher as the bird gains height above him 'Higher

still and higher, From the earth thou springest' (L6-7). As the bird

glistens in the light, yet more inspiration is shown in the poem. 'Like a

cloud of fire' (L8). As though a burning desire to unleash all of his

thoughts and feelings through poetry is all around him as though in a

cloud of smoke.

The use of colour has great effect to the tone of the poem. The colour

reflects the emotion in the poem. As the sun goes down...