The war with Iraq, self-defense or assault.

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You've heard it before: people claiming that Saddam Hussein is an intolerable threat to the security of our country and that he must be eliminated. The question now is whether or not this statement is accurate. Is Saddam Hussein really a serious threat to our nation? Is it really fair for us to attack another nation simply because we've made an assumption of what might come next? Some will claim that the very idea of attacking a nation just because the United States doesn't like the way that their leaders govern their country is completely absurd, while others say that it's a sure sign of dedication to our nation.

Ironically, it's dedication which binds the common teenage males' irrational acts to the suggested course of action of our own President Bush. Surely, you've all seen it before. The overly, almost frighteningly common scenario of the jealous boyfriend. As a matter of fact, when I read the arguments supporting military action in Iraq I can almost catch a glimpse of that typical highschool guy's last half-baked attempt to justify his insecurities.

Mind you, this normally occurs merely minutes before the same typical guy's big ham-like fists are beating a small, timid classmate for their thoughtless laudatory comments regarding his girl. Ofcourse, our big man on campus over here only beat the poor guy because he's so dedicated to his girl. Naturally, if Bush and his companions weren't so dedicated to the American public's well-being they wouldn't go so far as to overthrow the leader of a nation who might be scheming to bring harm to our people. Unfortunately for the international environment, there are no concrete school rules to be followed and the principal is rather lacking in power when it comes to dealing with Bush and his cronies. It's only...