War engaging with America and Iraq.

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The question everyone is debating about is: should America go to war with Iraq? First, the money dispersed in war can be spent on many other necessary items. One of the necessary items includes cancer research and many other related health issues. Even more important, many lives will be sacrificed, whether they are Americans or Iraqis for a vain cause. Even with these two important factors in mind, war with Iraq will not solve every problem out there. Such as world hunger, and the war going on with India and Pakistan. By choosing to go to war with Iraq may have seemed like a good decision on 9/11, but this is not the past and America needs to move on to a more improved society.

Of course, there is an opposing side to every topic. There are many people in the world that feel America needs to go to war with Iraq. Many people feel that if the US does not go to war with Iraq anytime soon, they will attack America again. Also, many people feel it is necessary that the US free Iraq, because there are many people in Iraq that suffer because of the choices made by their government. Their government controls their everyday lives. This may be an important factor but America cannot just barge in their country and start improving their country to our expectations.

During war, civilian tax money goes mainly to war. A lot of cuts have been made, for example, school cuts, where they have to cut back money going to the school. It seems education is becoming less important as America strive to improve other issues. Also, there is a lot fewer jobs available for US citizens. Many people have to live out on the streets because their bills...