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I am a senior in high school and I am trying to decide what to do when I graduate. I enjoy cooking, creating, and demonstrating different dishes. These skills will help me succeed as a chef.

In order to be a chef, one must be able to cook. I have worked in a restuarant for 3 years and have learned to cook many things. At Cherokee Cattle Company, I am responsible for many different meals, from appetizers, to salads to main meals. The best meal I made was for a large party. The meal contained steaks, vegetables, and deserts. Now I am responsible for cooking all the meals at the restuarant.

Another skill a chef must have is the ability to be creative. In art classes at Sprayberry, by creative abilities really come out. Three of my are projects have been sent to the state for competition. Some of my art work has been shown at festivals and the show case at school.

The peice of art work Art I am most proud of is the drawing and shading. A chef needs creativity to set up exotic plates and deserts.

Demonstrating is another important skill to have. At cherokee cattle company one of my responsibilities is to demonstrate competencies to those who are new on the job. How I go about doing this is I show and demonstrate for the person what he meeds to do to be succesful at the station where he is working. I show him shortcuts to do the job right but faster. I am good at demonstrating because I have 3 years experience at cherokee cattle company with in 3 years I have done every station at cherokee and I have done them well. In order to train other workers, one must be...