About a visit to a Metropolitan museum of New York, brief discussion of two works-one western art, the other-african.

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A recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art had been a usefully spent time at least because it gave me chance to recognize the home of a wide variety of art works - of different styles, times, and locations. African, American, Oceania, Egyptian, Asian, European art also Medieval, Modern, Islamic and other styles are represented with in the walls of the museum. They include the works of such great artists as Rodin, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and many other well-known and un-known artists from all over the world. Different cultures are represented by sculptures a wide range of works such as sculptures, paintings, photographs, decorative works...

What has gotten my attention was the range of the perception of different artists, different times and locations of the issues, world at all. Especially appropriate examples of the magnitude in difference of perception in cultures are two works that I chose. Those are: Seated Couple, 16th-20th century; Male; Dogon peoples; Wood, metal; H.

22 in. (55.9 cm); (86.7 x 64.5 cm); Art of Africa, Oceania and Americas (1977.394.15) and Madonna and Child, 1520 Francesco Granacci (Francesco di Andrea di Marco) (Italian, Florentine, 1469-1543); Oil on wood; 34 1/8 x 25 3/8 in. European paintings (2000.420).

These two works are parts of two absolutely diverse cultures: African artist of the 15th - 20th century and European artist of the 16th century. The topics of the works are different, because one is depicting common family and it's members, while the other depicts holy individuals, but both are depicting human bodies as they see them. What you notice about the Seated Couple is that this sculpture is extremely stylized, man and woman are depicted as mirrored images of each other - both seem to be equally important (because both are of the...