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Pompeii, Italy was the center of Roman life back in Ancient Rome. There was wide open space, and the forum (a marketplace in ancient Roman cities where business was conducted and the law courts were situated) was the center of attention to the senate and Imperial proclamations. There was so much to do in Pompeii. You could shop until you drop! The streets, houses, and even the alleys glimmered with sunshine. The houses had huge gardens with a little store in between them of a place where a poor person lived. There was a bustling market with many people there. There was so much to do there.

Pompeii was a Greek city at first. Then, with the fall of the Greek Empire and the rise of the Roman Empire, it became a roman city. The city followed many of the customs of the Romans, but at the same time, they still had much of the Greek heritage.

Pompeii was a very important port along with a city. It connected its east and west coast together. Pompeii was not a major trade center, but yes, it was a good city to trade in. There were things like, wine, oil, breadstuffs, fish sauce, perfumes, and clothes. People of Pompeii included wealthy landowners, merchants, manufacturers, shopkeepers, artisans, and slaves. Pompeii was always noted for its beauty and fame. It was also a great place to go for vacation. The climate was not hot and not cold. It was like every day was summer, no matter what season it was.

In this bustling city was a volcano called MOUNT VESUVIUS. This volcano was the reason for the fertile soil there. It provided nearly 3 crops a year. Although there was a massive volcano there, this was no threat at all to the people...