Vaughan Fredrick Randal Jones

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Vaughan Fredrick Randal Jones

Born: 31 Dec 1952 in Gisnorne, New Zealand

Knot: Knot Theory is the study of the way a closed curve can be embedded in three dimensional space with out intersecting itself.

Intuitively, on may "make a knot" by tying an ordinary piece of string and then fusing together the free ends of the string.

Associated with any knot is its knot group which is the fundamental group of the space obtained by removing the knot from the R" in which it is embedded.

Vaughan Jones attended school in Cambridge, New Zealand at St. Peter's School from age eight to twelve. He began secondary schooling in 1966 and went to Auckland Grammar School, located in Auckland. After being awarded a University Entrance Scholarship and a Gilles Scholarship to assist him in his study at the University of Auckland he left school. He had also received a Phillips Industries Bursary.

Jones entered the University of Auckland in 1970. He graduated with a B.Sc. In 1972 and in 1973 with an M.Sc. With First Class Honors. In 1973 he received a Swiss Government Scholarship which allowed him to undertake research in Switzerland. He was also awarded a F W W Rhodes Memorial Scholarship.

Jones went on to teach as an assistant lecturer at Auckland. In 1974 he entered the Ecole de Physique in Geneva and moved to Ecoles Mathematiques in 1976. His research was supervised by A. Haefliger in Geneva and he also taught as an assistant. Jones was awarded his Docteur es Sciences (Mathematiques) in 1979. That award was followed by the Vacheron Constantin Prize for his doctoral thesis in 1980.

Jones moved to the United States in 1980 spending the academic year as E R Hedrick Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of California at...