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Room of the future! This room is filled with incredible or rather scary technology. This room is the same as all the rooms today in our present time. In summers the sun shining bright through the windows. In winters the same windows are closed but still the cold breeze find its way in. Vashti's room also consists of all these but the source is not the sun or the air outside. It's something else. This makes Vashti's room very unique and different from the other rooms.

Vashti's whole room is controlled with buttons. Vashti's every single action is controlled by the buttons. All the work done by humans in our present's time rooms is done by only pressing a button and the job is done within a second in Vashti's room. Vashti lives in a hexagonal room. In the side of the room a reading table with a chair is lying.

The book lying on the table is the "machine's book". A book having answers or solutions to any question a user of the machine can face. Also the mending apparatus can be called if something is broken or requires repair. To entertain Vashti there is a button for music. She can put any music she likes and can entertain her. There are no speakers or anything of that sort from where the sound can possibly come from. There are no windows in the room but still the room is filled with soft radiance. There are no lamps but still there is light in the room. All this is controlled by just pressing a single button. There are no ventilators where any sort of air can come but still the room can be filled with any kind of atmosphere Vashti desires. There are different buttons to attend lectures...