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Presidential Candidates 2008As we soon celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are reminded that 2007 is almost over. Americans are constantly reminded that the 2008 presidential elections are just around the corner. With foreign and domestic controversies and the wanting to move forward with the war on Iraq, national debt, and control health care, immigration, and further education electing a President with the knowledge and experience is necessary. Governor Mitt Romney (republican), Barak Obama (democrat) and Jerry Kann (green party) are potential candidates that I have researched and learned what they have to offer as President if elected.

Governor Mitt Romney, a potential presidential candidate representing the Republican Party is widely recognized for his leadership and accomplishments for his public service and private enterprises. Elected as Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney presided over a dramatic reversal of state fortunes and a period of sustained economic expansion. Balancing the budget every year of his administration without raising taxes or increasing debt, he closed a near $3 billion budget gap success when he took office.

Romney influenced economic reforms to stimulate growth in Massachusetts, eliminated waste, streamlining the government which got the economy moving again and transformed deficits into surpluses. At the beginning of his administration Massachusetts was losing thousands of jobs every month and thanks to Romney's team, the unemployment rate was lower, hundreds of companies had expanded or were welcomed into Massachusetts and the state had added approximately 60,000 jobs by the time he left office.

Within Romney's top priorities was to change the education system so that young people could compete for good paying jobs in the global economy for the future. John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Program was created by Mitt Romney to reward the top 25 percent of Massachusetts high school students with a four year, tuition-free scholarship...