Unjust Medical Treatment

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When developing or manufacturing a product, there are certain boundaries that manufacturer has and certain boundaries that a retailer has in order to make sure the product to safe to sell. Both the manufacturer and the retailer have similar responsibilities when deciding whether or not a certain product is safe. However, I feel that there is more responsibility on the part of the manufacturer, rather then on the retailer.

The manufacturer, in my opinion has more responsibility then the retailer does mainly because they are the ones that are physically making the product. All the retailer is basically doing is getting the item from the manufacturer and sticking it on their shelves for the consumers to purchase. When the manufacturer is making something, it is their responsibility to make sure that this product is going to be safe for people to use, not the retailer. So as you can see a majority of the responsibility lies in the hands of the manufacturer, but not all the responsibility. I feel that if a retailer receives a product from a company and they think that it is unsafe, then they shouldn't put it out on their shelves. I don't think that a retailer should be obligated to sell a product that they know is unsafe and could hurt someone.

Oftentimes, the manufacturer will end up selling his own product when he knows its no good, in order to avoid a confrontation with the retailer. Other times, the manufacturer is basically just looking to make money off nothing and will make up a product that is supposed to do something, but it really does nothing. For example, a man by the name of Dudley LeBlanc developed a type of medicine that was supposed to cure a number of sicknesses and aliments.