Unit 1, Business at work

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Unit one - Business at work

Ownership-benefits and drawbacks

Scream.co.uk became a limited company in November 1999 incorporated to a private limited company (LTD). Jon Baxter (managing director and company secretary) is the founder of Scream.co.uk formally known as Scream Technology that started in August 1996 a smaller business that developed a single unit called Web Creative.

This company now has two directors, Jon Baxter (Managing Director and Company Secretary) and Chris Hill (Commercial and Quality Director) which both delegate downwards to their workforce, managers etc, they also hold shares themselves, they control the company directly.

Scream.co.uk Ltd is controlled through its central office that is administered by Francis Bayton and is the first point of contact for general enquiries and financial matters. Also in the central office are the Client Services, which is managed by Neil Harries, he keeps in touch with their regular clients and to ensure that they are happy with the service they offer.

The company is then divided into three delivery units with over fifteen staff. Mark Young, responsible for the web development and printing services, manages the Creative Services.

Brian Lewill who is responsible for kiosk development, hardware and networking services manages the Technology Services.

The eastern office (Braintree, Essex) is headed by Paul Skinner who provides local contact to his clients in Braintree.

Scream.co.uk provides a variety of technology and digital communication solutions for a wide range of organisations across the United Kingdom.

Scream main customers include SME's, national companies, multinational concerns to local authorities, education institutes and health organisations.

They provide goods and services for both the private and public sectors.


*Touch - Screen Kiosks*Networking/Wireless services

*Smart cards*Software development

*Multimedia products*Web development

Listed above are the main goods/services that they produce in their departments. Others will include delivery...