What type of Business would you open today?

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What business would be good to open today?

If I were to consider opening a business today, it would have to be in a unique area. My three businesses of choice are a tattoo parlour, indoor rock climbing gym, or a pita restaurant.

Indoor Rock Climbing is an increasingly popular sport. It allows people of all ages to engage themselves in a task that they would normally not do, due to the great risk involved. These people can perform this in the comfortable and safe environment of a gym, and they will have the knowledge that they are surrounded a helpful, and educated staff, that are more than happy to help them with anything. Indoor climbing also provides a great all round physical workout, especially in gaining forearm strength and balance. It provides increased agility, flexibility and maneuverability, as well as helping to build self confidence in your ability to overcome fears and anxieties.

It also gives you the basic technical skills as a stepping stone to progressing into outdoor climbing.

The gym must have a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. There would be areas where people could sit down, have a beverage and watch their friends/children/siblings climbing. The staff would have to be approachable and knowledgeable about climbing. Before they were hired they would need to be fully trained and certified in indoor climbing. They staff would also need to be good with kids and crowds because we would offer special rock climbing party rates. The gym would need to be large and spacious to accommodate the climbing walls and the multitude of climbers. We would also have special security set up to enforce the rules so it would limit the number of accidents due to goofing around or negligence.

This business would appeal to all ages. There would...