"Two Gold Hatted Sage Men".

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Two Gold Hatted Sage Men

Family is a very important part of life when it comes to succeeding. They will be the ones who will always be by your side when you need help through tough times in your life. Throughout my life, I have always had two particular people in mind when I come across tough situations. One of these two people was my father who instilled in me the morals and values of life and how to succeed. The other major influence in my life was my brother who has always been there for me to keep me focused. Because of my father and brother I have stayed on the right path and have been on point. They have been very positive influences in my life.

Ever since I was old enough to understand life, my father has been there to show me the right path. He has been there to teach me right from wrong.

For example, to lie in any situation is wrong to do. He taught me our religion, Islam, was the most important thing in life and to always follow it. My father is very strict when it comes to religion, so he made sure I learned it by means of punishing me at times when I would make mistakes. For example, when I was learning prayer he would hit me if I constantly messed up. In our culture, it is custom to punish a child by hitting to discipline them. My father taught me that Islam is not just a religion, but also a way of life. He taught me that you should pray five times a day because you have to fear and thank him for everything he has given you.

My father has taught me many morals and values that...