Truman Capote - about his life including annotated bibliography

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Truman Capote was born on September 30th, 1924. Truman’s literary works are recognized internationally as classics, but the roots to this comprehensive writer seem fit to a less successful writer.

Truman was constantly faced with the emotion of abandonment, even as an infant. From the very start, Truman’s parents were in a custody battle over Truman, but neither wanted the responsibility of caring for him. Truman’s mother, Lillie Mae, who was only 17, ended up winning the custody battle of the infant. Lillie was constantly out finding jobs and having affairs, and Truman could remember constantly being locked in a hotel room while Lillie was out with various boyfriends. During Lillie’s escapades, Truman feared the thought of abandonment, but soon this fear became a reality. A little before his sixth birthday, Lillie left Truman abandoned with the Faulk’s Family.

Lillie eventually married a prospective Cuban businessman named Joe Capote, and changed her name to Nancy Capote.

Truman’s life with the Faulk’s was beneficial, the unchanging environment they provided made Truman feel more at home and welcome, but he ended up moving in with Nina and Joe. Although Joe accepted Truman and was very kind to him, his own mother felt a hatred for him because of his over womanly characteristics. Truman was uninterested in school, and as a result was not able to graduate. Lillie and Joe moved to Manhattan and enrolled Truman in a local school. In 1942, Truman received a job as a copyboy at the New Yorker, where he submitted several short stories. The short stories he submitted were deemed, “Very good, but romantic in a way this magazine is not.” After submitting several novels to Harper's Bazaar and Mademoiselle, he made his first hit in 1945 with a short story titled “Miriam”. Soon after, he gained...