Treatment of Ethnic Minorities

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Hitler hated three kinds of people- Jews, communists and democracy and in his view they were all connected. Hitler believed that the Aryan people were the master race, and most of theses people were Germans. He believed that Jews were an "inferior species". He believed that what the Jews believed in was spreading and crushing Germany. Anything Jewish was wrong. He spoke of a myth that the Jewish bankers planned to break down the financial system and that this was a reason that war broke out in 1914.

Hitler hated Bolshevism (communism) because he saw it as a Jewish belief. The Jewish founder, Karl Marx, set out to break the world politically, just as the Jews were breaking it racially. Hitler believed that the reason why communism had taken over in Russia was because most of Russians were Slavs, who just like the Jews were a sub-human species. Hitler called the Slavs rabbit people, only here to reproduce, but unable to organize themselves.

That's why Hitler admired Stalin for turning such a degraded form of people into a nation. IN Hitler's book Mein Kampf, he said that it was Germany's job to be the saviour of the Aryan race by killing all the Jews and seizing the Slavs land of the East. This was the goal of the National Socialists.

Hitler believed that democracy was a product of the Jews. That's why he believed it was such a weak political system. He didn't believe in compromise and so he thought it lacked purpose. If democracy were to be allowed in Germany it would wreck the whole country and prevent it from it's destiny. When Hitler came to power he got rid of the whole democratic system. Hitler demanded that all decisions made by the leader were to be obeyed...