Tourism Development And External Impacts

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Tourism Development And External Impacts


The aim of this report is to establish the structure of the tourism industry, examine the trends in the nature of demand for tourism and to evaluate the implications of tourism for two contrasting countries. A comparison will then be made between the two.

The two countries that are to be assessed are the Seychelles and Mongolia. From initial research the main difference, which initially stand out are the following;-

Seychelles - A set of islands located in the Indian Ocean with an all year round tropical marine climate. A predominant tourism industry offering first class accommodation, facilities, luxurious scenery and beaches in an idyllic setting.

Mongolia - A landlocked country located in Asia with extremes of temperature in the winter and summer, which allows for a tourism season from early May through September. A relatively small tourism industry offering special interest holidays, such as trekking and camping.

To carry through this aim various sources of information will be used, such as the Country Reports published by the Travel and Tourism Intelligence, which provide thorough information regarding, the complete tourism industry and statistics to enhance this. Further research will also be carried out using reliable sources of information such as "The World Guide" 2001/02 published by New International Publishers.

An overview and comparison of the tourism industry

The following section provides an overview of the tourism industries of the Seychelles and Mongolia, in particular the role of the public and private sectors and the effects of tourism laws.

The Seychelles tourism industry:

Tourism in the Seychelles has rapidly expanded since the 1970's. This coincides with the opening of the International Airport on the main island of Mahē in 1971.

Internationally, first-class resorts offering island cruising, water sports, diving, fishing, bird watching and excursions to...