Tort law in Canada and what this area of law is all about.

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Tort law is an area of law which gives an injured person the chance to receive compensation from the person who caused the injury. Tort is taken from a Latin word tortus which means wrong. In French, "tort" also means a "wrong." It is very hard to get the truth in tort law due to the fact that it is one person's word against another's. There different ways to look at tort law because of how it can be an advantage to society and how it can also be a detriment to society.

Tort law is used in society as an advantage by helping the victim receive damages from the person who caused the injury or damage. Tort law is great when it is used properly. If you get injured due to the negligence of another person it is not right. Tort law is a benefit because the victim will receive compensation for the mistakes of the person who was negligent.

As an example of a real case; John Doe is suing Thomas Tucker for an injury caused by, Thomas Tucker hitting John Doe with his car while at a gas station. On or about the 24th day of November, 2000, at approximately 15:54 hours, the Plaintiff, John Doe, was standing beside the right side of his motor vehicle cleaning the rear window after filling his car up with gas. At or about the same time, the defendant, Thomas Tucker, suddenly and without warning, drove his vehicle so close to the Plaintiff's vehicle that he caught his right ankle with his wheel, causing the Plaintiff to fall down. Thereafter, the Defendant drove over his vehicle over the Plaintiff's right leg, causing him to suffer injuries, the particulars of which are hereinafter set out. The plaintiff John Joe is suing for...