The top five, and the worst three presidents of the U.S. in my opinion.

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Ever since the development of the Constitution in 1787, America has had many

U.S. presidents come into office. America has had 43 presidents and I think that the top

five are Lincoln, Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Truman, and Jefferson. However, the

United States has not experienced a good president for every term. There has been some bad presidents including Buchanan, Coolidge, and Grant.

When ranking the presidents one must ask themselves "What makes a president

good?" The answer to this question may be to consider the amount of time and care a president takes to keep the welfare of the country intact. Most of the best presidents tried to meet the needs of the country as a whole and not be excluding to any particular group.

The presidents had to be unbiased to win the support of the people and to become popular. On contrary, most of the bad presidents set up programs for their own interests and paid little attention to helping American individuals along with the country as a whole.

I think that Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, is the number one president of all time. In office he kept a close eye on military operations and foreign affairs. Even

though he entrusted officers to look after these departments, he never fully let them take control. He was always close by to advise and sometimes overrule their poor decisions.

Lincoln always thought out everything before making any decisions. When he was in office, the issue of slavery was being debated. Lincoln strongly opposed slavery, but he knew that he must be careful because any move against slavery could cause the southern states to secede from the Union. But on January 1, 1863, Lincoln finally issued the

Emancipation Proclamation, which was one of the first steps taken to free...