Title:"Jesus Christ Is More Than A Word" Holistic Essay, with much criticism from instructors

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Holistic essay regarding miscellaneous speculation about Jesus Christ, not necessarily view of author.My writing teacher was disturbed and called me a "boob" for writing it.

Title:"Jesus Christ Is More Than A Word"

He sodomized sheep, Jesus Christ, the devil, Jesus Christ, the son of man. Jesus Christ was traumatized as a child due to the fact that he was separated from God, unable to communicate with Divinity until after his baptism (reads my latest book). Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were lovers (my latest Christian movie). Jesus Christ, was a man so devoted to God that he believed himself to be a "begotten son" of God. Jesus Christ was and is a God walking among us (an old radio show). He was sacrificed so that it wouldn't be unfair when we suffer to death. Jesus Christ, totally traumatized by his parents, believed himself to be immortal and died on the cross rather than denounce himself (my boyfriend).

He is a drunkard. Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ is a lumbering door-prize to the innocent and stupid, the underachiever, and the isolated. Jesus Christ is man and God.

The speculation goes on, the books are written, the movies are processed, prayers are heard or unheard, white rabbits are smashed to smithereens by passing cars, and cats commit suicide under their houses. Jesus Christ looks on the scene with peace and serenity. Half of the Bible is about him(within the Bible that Christians give away on corners, new versions, old versions, past versions, white versions, Technicolor versions, sexual versions, King James versions, an entire New Testament devoted to the mystical Jesus Christ. Is Jesus Christ a reality or is he a final blow-out of the human mind at our expiration, a natural and colorful comfort to...