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"Tips For New Math Teachers" (posted on mathgoodies.com ) written by Gisele Glosser, is about those tips for the beginning math teachers. His article is a list of things that new teachers might face or encounter in the classroom and things teachers should do in order to create a comfortable studying atmosphere as well as encourage students doing their tasks. This article has many bullets but I just want o review some main point Glosser mentions how to teach students what is not in the book the book.

Try not to frown on the wrong answers. It discourages students from participating.

This comment is right. Frown, just like other attitude, does not help anything. It just makes students sometime feel bad for what they have done or makes them thinks they are dumb. I understand being a teacher is not easy and it is hard to have an appropriate attitude when your students did not do what you expect, but, that is teachers, you have to know how to deal with students in such situation.

I was a kid therefore I know how it feel when your teachers frowning and shaking head just because of a wrong answer, and I have been tutoring for a while and I know what will happen next if you frown and students see it. Most of them will not be happy and might lose interest in what they are doing anymore. They might think that "after all what we have done is a frown from her?" I think wrong answers are good for teachers to test their reactions to students. Teachers will know what they should do once they frown in front of the students.

Encourage active participation form your students. From time to time, call students...