"The three little pigs" and "The little red ridding hood"

Essay by lawrencefu April 2003

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In modern society, folktales are regarded as children's entertainment. Most of them served the purpose to spread out a moral or a lesson by using simple and effective narrative structures. Personally, I think two of the most wide-ranging fables are <<The little pigs>> and <<Little red ridding hood>>. The reason why they can be known by most of people in the world is the stories' moral that is made clear by the simplicity of the structure. This is a very smart and efficient method that only introduces the elements that are essential to understand the moral. Also, there are one similarity and two differences between two fables.

Although finally the last little pig in << the three little pigs>>defeat the wolf, both of the stories show that they had no life experience. When the three little pigs' mother allowed them to go out into the world and make a living for themselves, their mother probably thought they were old enough to build their own lives.

However, the three little pigs' mental age was still too young to make a living. They had no experience about the reality of life and this dangerous world. Two of them just knew playing and how to get pleasure from their life like children did. I think the main reason for having no experience was that they were always under protection. It means their mother maybe spoiled them. She didn't "really" tell them the danger of world. Because of this reason, they didn't care about their future. Even for their house that is the only obstacle to protect them from the enemy--a wolf, they still didn't take whole energy to build it. Then, finally, the two younger pigs were eaten by the wolf. The same thing happened in the <<Little red ridding hood>>. When Little...