Three endangered species.

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World Endangered Species

There are millions if not billions of species that God had brought onto this earth, among the millions, some survived all the hardships through evolution or other ways. But others were less fortunate. There are more extinct species than living species right now. But before us humans existed on this planet, survival for other organisms were balanced; if the organism's got what it takes to survive, to fit in the environment, then it lives, if not, the specie dies out. It was that simple. But now, as we humans emerged and dominated this planet, the survival of other organisms became very much harder. Humans are on top of the food chain, and we do have a tendency of taking whatever we want(need) without thinking of the consequences. We often hunted animals for food and clothing, and we cut down plants for food and medicine. If this sort of activity was only limited to satisfy the need of survival, then it might be justified, but now we are only killing for luxuries, or even for fun, such as hunting animals for fur, or cutting down trees to make "elegant" looking wood furniture.

As time progressed, us humans has caused many species to extinct or near extinction. For example, the dodo bird, a large bird that was unable to fly, was quiet common on the island of Mauritius but as hunters and other colonists arrived with dogs, humans literally hunted the dodo birds to extinction. even though now people are a little more careful about how the endangered species' existence, but still more and more animals are being hunted, plants being cut. Among those unfortunate organisms, there are some of the most amazing species such as the orcas, or more commonly known as the killer whales, Bradshaw's desert...