Texas Education-Budget Theory.

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In the state of Texas there is a rising problem of poverty. This problem is not one of just Texas, but of the entire nation. In Texas the problem seems to be a considerably larger. Not only in the number of people, but also in the amount under poverty which they are. I believe the problem is more complex than we could ever imagine. I believe the lack of education in Texas is one of the largest causes of the poverty problem. We also have to consider that way which our state has grown. The African Americans in our state are most likely are descendents of slaves. The African Americans (this is a stereo type that I have created of African Americans in Texas for the sake of the issue and nothing more) have come from families that knew work not education. This has to have an impact on the life style that they live.

For we all know the fruit rarely falls far from the tree. Let me not forget about the other "majority minority". Hispanics are part of the history of Texas, yet they have suffered discriminations just as the Africans Americans. Through the adversities of the minorities the Hispanics had a unique problem that increased the difficultly of education. In decades past a good number spoke only Spanish. This problem was and still is abundant in Southern Texas.

The problem of school financing doesn't lie in the minorities or does it? Lets face it the number of children that drop out of school are predominately Hispanics, and next in line are African Americans. Being a resident of Texas all my life and attending Texas schools I have found that not only is the dropout rate predominately minorities, but also the failure rate. Being no more than an...