Tenzin gyatso, 14th dalai lama and his contributions to Buddhism

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Tenzin Gyatso was born Llhamo Döndrub in 1935 in North-Eastern Tibet and was just like any other normal child until the age of two when he was recognized as the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama before him. When he was fifteen years old he took on a huge role and became a political leader for Tibet as a response to the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. At the age of twenty-five he graduated with a doctorate of Buddhist philosophy. Since 1960 he has been living in exile in Dharamsala, India.

ContributionsThe Dalai Lama has made many contributions to Buddhism and has changed it in many ways for the better. One of these contributions was the putting together of a Five Point Peace Plan for Tibetan independence and for the restoration of peace and human rights in Tibet. The plan is as follows:Transformation of the whole of Tibet into a zone of Ahimsa, a demilitarised zone of peace and non-violence.

Abandonment of china's population transfer policy, which threatened the very existence of the Tibetans as people.

Respect for the Tibetan people's fundamental human rights and democratic freedoms.

Restoration of the protection of Tibet's natural environment and abandonment of China's use of Tibet for the production of nuclear weapons and dumping of nuclear waste.

Commencement of earnest negotiations on the future status of Tibet and of relations between the Tibetan and Chinese people.

On 10th of December 1989 the Dalai Lama was awarded the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize. It was given to him in recognition of his struggle for the freedom of Tibet and the fact that in this struggle he has opposed the use of violence in order to resolve the problem and has, as an alternative, advocated peaceful solutions based on tolerance and mutual respect. He...