Tells what diplomatic immunity is and how it works.

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What is diplomatic immunity? Basically, it allows representatives of foreign countries to work under the laws of their home nation while in a host country. ( Diplomatic Immunity was first introduced at the Vienna Convention that took place in Vienna on April 24 1963. Now diplomats are protected from physical harm or criminal or civil prosecution. Does this mean diplomats are above the law? "Of course not" is what the government is going to say. Is that the truth or is it just a cover-up so they can get away with their mistakes? They do get away with crimes. What kind of crimes, you ask? They have gotten away with Driving under the Influence, unpaid traffic tickets, and even murder. Diplomats are just regular human beings, are they not? Just because the diplomats are from another country does not give them the right to commit a crime. Diplomats should know the laws of the host country and should follow them.

Either the diplomat should follow all the laws and be prosecuted if a law is broken or citizens should be allowed to break the same laws without fear of consequence. Immunity was originally used to exchange messages from tribe to tribe without fear of harm. They were protected even if they brought bad news. ( Why can't immunity be used in this way and not for letting diplomats get away with crimes?

Diplomatic immunity was implemented because it enabled diplomats to perform the duties assigned to them without fear of prosecution or detainment. For example, it allows them to park in places that make it easier for them to get to where they need to go. This international law, however, is causing problems with the rest of the world. Diplomats were born from a mother and a father just like...