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Television is the popular entertainment that most people suggest. Television is a system that reflects our society in many different ways. Television is also used for many purposes. For example, it helps entertain, spread knowledge, and gives relaxation. Most of all, television is an advanced technology that is most famous for its' various channels.

Television has several channels that are distinguished by certain categories. First, it has made-up stories such as movies, comedies, and shows. These seem real, but are merely fake stories. Second, they are true stories that are filmed. These include Discovery Channel and History Channel and some others. These various channels make people enjoy watching television. Television is not only famous for enjoyment but it also gives relaxation by providing laughter and escape from the hard work that people do. Students can also learn and gain knowledge from television, so parents let their child watch television often.

Many people think that television is a special technology and most people have it in their homes. Therefore, television must advance to higher levels and get better for their viewers. I consider television a special media that reflects our living condition.